About Us

Dedicated Content Services

In 2002, I wrote a column for our local newspaper focused on what was going on in our town. It came out weekly. Despite living in such a small town, I never ran out of things to write about. There was always something interesting that I could spin into good content for the column.

This started to become a business for me in the USA as others began requesting my work. I loved to write, and people loved my writing. Things changed when I took on my first staff in 2005. She was a close and trusted friend that had a wonderful style of writing. I knew her well and had faith that she would deliver each piece with as much genuine love and care as I did.

Fast forward to today, and we are operating out of 3 locations from the USA to Thailand with the same focus on quality as when we first started. I know all of our content producers well, and fully understand the social media-driven movement that is going on across the world. The content that we produce here in Thailand is lively, full of interesting details, and far from the generic content that I see in those “average” websites.

Influence BKK is here to deliver quality content, from marketing advertorials to video production, with precision and care. Contact us today so that we can learn more about your company, vision, and needs.